I have had the pleasure of working with Anuj for a photography consultancy with GRID Nepal at the World Bank, and I would love to share my experience with you. Among the people I reached out to Anuj was the most prompt in establishing correspondence and sending me his CV and portfolio. His was also the most extensive and professional looking, by far, from among all other candidates that applied. He kept up this level of prompt communication and professionalism throughout the engagement and after.

Additionally, he continued to go above and beyond the stipulation of the deliverables. He gave us more photos and footage options, just as a matter of good faith and it displayed his intelligence in wanting to create and maintain good relationships with organizations.

My own love if his photos notwithstanding, the team at World Bank’s GRID Nepal were nothing short of blown away with the quality of work we received. Colleagues have consistently reached out to me to inquire about the photos. Anuj also showed a willingness to collaborate with us to edit the photos in a particular way that would be more fitting to our purpose. He is very knowledgeable about shooting areas, seasons, weather, etc., and was able to give us critical feedback on whether a shot was possible or not, and when/how we could achieve it.

He has an extensive history of working with international development agencies and has a strong work ethic. I recommend him unreservedly.

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