Anuj helped a friend and I create an audition tape for an adventure show, which meant shooting action footage and interviews, compiling photos and editing the video. We approached him without any plan other than a couple of themes we wanted to highlight. He listened to our half-baked idea, and suggested a location and time to go out and shoot some footage. Thanks to his vision and sense of humor, we ended up with some fantastic drone and camera footage, and had a blast while filming it.

During the editing process, Anuj is attentive to input and quick to understand what you want out of the project, while still providing his own suggestions and creative touches. He has a skill for extracting a cohesive story out of seemingly random pieces of footage, and a great eye for editing right timings. On a personal level, working with him will surely involve many laughs, and his output is sure to be enhanced by beers and momos. I’d definitely recommend him for any photo or video project.

I first met Anuj in his role as a sports photographer at many bike and trail races in Nepal. More recently, I watched him transition from behind the camera to behind the scenes of the fantastic Snail Trail Series, a trail race in Kathmandu. As a participant in many of the races, I saw the process and execution steadily improve, including technical aspects such as timekeeping, printing of attractive race numbers, and provision of race information through a great website and creative social media posts. Having attended many races in Nepal over the years, the Series organized by Anuj and team has been by far the smoothest, professionally run one I’ve participated in, from process of registration and check in straight through to prize giving and results.

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