I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Anuj during my time at ECS Nepal and The Kathmandu Post where we commissioned a variety of work from him including photo essays, travelogues and feature stories. Whatever Anuj was assigned, or he pitched himself, he delivered with finesse — a rarity for freelancers in Kathmandu’s mediascape. I can think of few freelancers who have been as dependable as Anuj was, or whose work I have enjoyed reading and developing more.

Given the breadth of his experiences travelling locally — and among locals — Anuj’s writing is imbued with a grounded sensibility that is all too rare for writers writing about Nepal. His gaze is never intrusive and his tales, though fantastic, is never essentializing. Whether he writes about trail runners in alpine boondocks up north or about hole-in-the-wall drinking holes in Kathmandu’s underbelly, Anuj’s work is always authentic, witty and incisive (and on time!) — a dream for any editor.

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