Anuj always goes the extra mile. No wonder he’s the head photographer.

When I was told he was the head photographer at the Everest Marathon 2018, I immediately understood why.

He walked with 30 kg of equipment on his shoulders every day for 12 hours, at 3000 to 5000m elevations, while we runners were struggling just to walk with a small backpack and had regular breaks.

He always made sure to listen to each one of us and took every shot we asked for (which isn’t always the case during sport events! Normally photographers ignore people’s personal requests).

He reacted very quickly and went knee deep in freezing glacial water and ice just to get a good shot.

He never fell into a routine and always tried new shots/equipment/videos/styles.

He knew everybody in the group and quickly became known and appreciated by everybody.

His photos are technically perfect but always very creative too.

In 3 weeks I spent with him, I never heard him complain or saw him in a bad mood.

To summarize: a great professional with top notch skills and equipment, but above all a lovely, trustable person.

I would recommend Anuj to anybody and would hire him any time.

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