Knowing I was struggling with the state of my website and unsure of which direction to take it, Anuj willingly took it upon himself to provide feedback and recommendations. Based on his thoughtful insight, professional approach and portfolio, the only path to moving my website ahead was to have Anuj take the lead.

Anuj communicates efficiently; his initiative and work ethics are exemplary. He readily provides options for my consideration while at the same time is proactive. He welcomes my questions, is open to learning and will do all that is necessary to find a solution. Anuj’s enthusiasm and quality of his work have given my website new life.

In addition, as a trail runner I have been involved with Anuj in other capacities including Manaslu Mountain Stage Race and the monthly Kathmandu Trail Series. His work ethic is evidently applied across all capacities in which he commits himself. I highly recommend Anuj if you are looking for a motivated, reliable professional.

I welcome the opportunity to speak further about my experience with and recommendation for Anuj.

With sincerity,

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