I’ve hired Anuj for I think six assignments so far, so feel qualified to comment on his work and working style. Naturally I am very happy. I have signed him up for five pending assignments too, for the following reasons:

His photos are great – magazine quality. You get a great selection, good for magazine covers, center spreads and for general posting on Facebook etc. He takes time out to make “fakies” picking photogenic runners taking them to key locations, to get the mega shot, if available, that gets picked up by photo editors.

The runners are happy to see themselves in such well laid out pictures. This year all of the runners signing up for the race are signing up for a photo package add-on, so we cover the cost of Anuj’s shoot time & edit time, plus assistant.

He puts in big effort when out on the course. For the races in Nepal he also has to walk the route every day (we have no roads) carrying up to 25 kg of equipment. The course is 170 km with 12,000+/- and at altitudes of 3500-5000m.

He will work all night to get a job done on time. Not many people do this.

He’s also good with video, interviews and drone filming, so we’re getting valuable, sharable clips for facebook etc. Obviously a choice has to be made between photos and video, but his capability is there.

He’s still young and hungry, and has the energy, motivation and skills to do a great job.

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