Since 2013 I have contributed over 700 articles to more than 40 newspaper and magazine outlets in Nepal and abroad. This includes an interview piece for the National Geographic, and several full-page photo stories in the Kathmandu Post, a national daily. I was a columnist with the Himalayan Times in 2016 and 2017, in addition to serving as a copyeditor for ECS Nepal, Living, Fr!day Magazine and 6 other magazines.

While I cover a variety of subjects for feature writing, I have an inclination for mountains, travel, food and spirits. Likewise, I have extensive experience in writing proposals, reports, concept notes, promotions and other formal materials.

I undertook a solo assignment from UN Habitat to document lives of beneficiaries in words and photographs. I was also responsible for graphics and layout of the 135-page report. Here are some samples:

Travel and Lifestyle

» Kapuche: The Virgin Glacial Lake
» The Otherworld
» Thumbing Down the Spirit
» Aila Etiquette
» A Million Blue Hues
» In the Midst of Mountains
» 20 Adventures
» Wedding Nuisance
» Marooned in Jamacho
» 5 Things to do in Nepal


» Asian Enduro is Back!
» Hitting Gnarly Trails
» In Love with Cycling
» MTB Race Calendar
» Himalayan Journeys
» KTM Series Proposal
» UN Habitat - Program Summary
» Eutai Mala Nepali - Concept Note
» What Failure Teaches Us
Where I’ve been published