I am a documentary and outdoors photographer based in Nepal’s Himalayas.

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I am a freelance photographer and videographer specializing in visual documentation, outdoors and exploration.

Having started a career in photography in 2015, I was hired to shoot UTMR and UTMB, the world’s largest trail running race in the Alps, by September 2017. I have since been involved in a number of documentary assignments with INGOs like the UN Habitat, UNRCO and several independent development projects. More recently I worked as the photographer for the United Nations Nepal to cover its response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, and also as a videographer for a Yeti documentary in Everest and Mustang regions in 2021.

Visuals I have captured, along with stories, have been widely published in a number of international and Nepali media outlets, including the National Geographic and the Royal Geographical Society. Additionally, my work has been featured on the cover of nine international magazines, reports and books. I am comfortable shooting in any situation and environment, be it humid flats or freezing Himalayas.

When it comes to photography, I am trigger happy.

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Where my work has appeared

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Cover Page Features

UN Country Report


UN Covid-19 Preparedness


UN Strategic Summary


Running Everest


Be Brave as You Run




Esprit Trail


UN Habitat Shelter Provision


Assignments and Clients

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Assignment Role Country Year
World Bank GRID Project Photographer 2023
The Data Values Project Photographer 2022
Yeti Documentary Videographer 2021
UN Covid-19 Response Photographer 2020
UN Habitat Shelter Program Photographer and Writer 2016
UTMB Photographer 2017
Ultra Tour Monte Rosa Photographer 2017, 2022
Everest Marathon Media Team Lead 2016, 2017, 2018, 2023
Manaslu Trail Race Photographer 2017, 2018
Mustang Trail Race Photographer / Videographer 2017, 2018
MTB Himalaya Photographer 2017
Mera Peak Expedition Photographer / Videographer 2022
Mountain Biking in Bhutan Videographer / Editor 2018

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In addition to photography, I have extensive experience and specialized skills in:

Event Management

Organized 23 trail running races, 14 mountain biking races and 32 hikes in Nepal.

Trekking Venture

Explore the Himalayas with vonKathmandu, a trekking company I am a part of.

Coding and Designing

Designed and developed over 70 websites, including this one.

Writing and Editing

Published over 700 pieces on travel, documentation and reports.


Magazine covers or blurbs, my works in photos, videos and text have been published in more than 30 media outlets over the past few years. See where I have been published

Fast learner, adaptable

I’m always eager to learn a new trade in problem solving. Besides analytics (which I am formally trained in), all the skills I’ve acquired are self taught. I easily adapt to changes and tackle unfavorable situations.

Uncompromised results

I am result-oriented. I get work done on time, even if that means depriving myself of sleep, leisure or rest, if situation arises. This translates to nothing short of the best I can deliver.

Happy clients

I see that the final product I deliver meets clients’ expectation, and I do not settle until all parties walk out happy. Most of my projects that I am involved in are with returning clients. See reviews