Don't miss out on these things Nepal has to offer!

May 23, 2020

1. Watch spectacular sunrise from Poon Hill
Let’s face it! You’ve either been always too late for the sunrise or you blame that giant, ungodly building in front for ruining it. Give yourself a break you’re in Pokhara next time with a taxi ride to Nayapul and a conquest to Ghorepani’s hilltop. The 6-hour trek itself is quite spectacular with innumerable waterfalls and dense moss-covered woods giving an ethereal feeling of being lost in nature. Ghorepani is the start of what will become a painful hike up to Poon Hill next morning followed by momentous views of the sunrise over the hills. Spectacular sight of first rays touching giant massifs of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges takes your breath away. Speaking of which, situated at 3,210m in altitude, Poon Hill hike may lead to slight difficulty in breathing or headache, some symptoms of high altitude sickness, but we’ll take it easy on the hike and drink plenty of water. Before heading back, queue up to take a selfie with Poon Hill’s signage like it’s your best friend, with mountain in the backdrop. So next time you find yourself in bed hitting the snooze button, let it dawn on you that you’re missing out on a awe-inspiring sunrise somewhere in the Himalayas.

2. Food hop in Kathmandu
Kathmandu has secrets elusive to most guidebooks. You may be mystified by a jogi’s modern antiques in Pashupati, or take an excursion on beaten routes to the hills, and complement your siesta in a chic garden with meals that burn a hole in your pocket. Don’t get me wrong, but you won’t have lived until you’ve tried hot chhoela and chatmari in Patan’s narrowest alleyways or gotten drunk off strawberry raksi in Kakani looking at the widest stretch of mountains before your eyes – best consumed with Tamangs in their residence over a fine plate of sukuti for sittan. Or walking through Indrachowk, chug down a delicious glass of lassi or devour a plate or two of Everest momo in Naxal as you complain about prices. A spicy pani puri and chatpat marathon in Maru Galli leaves you salivating profusely but nothing that a Shreegaha’s Tang-flavored popsicle can’t beat. But if you really mean business, dip hot gwaramaris into Bhaktapur’s juju dhau laced with coconut shreddings, and there you have it – the valley à la carte!

3. Lend a helping hand
Central Nepal has been quite affected in the aftermath of earthquakes and aftershocks. Now as most parts of the country returns to business as usual, there are still countless villages in remote places where people have struggled to bring back normalcy to their lives. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Nepal, now’s the best time! Come over to see the mountains and the gorgeous culture and architecture Nepal is blessed with and take the opportunity to give back selflessly to people of Nepal who most need help. Whether in constructing schools, creating a homely environment or build livelihoods, touch lives in the most meaningful manner. Volunteer at a school as a teacher and tutor the children in any subject you feel comfortable. Help you in the farms and experience Nepal like you never could. Further, the lovely meal prepared by your host family and their hospitality in a cozy home will be as authentic a local experience as you can get. Make a memorable holiday with beloveds by mixing the passion of travelling and creating a lasting bond.

4. Take a dip in Bagmati
If you think taking a bath in Bagmati is out of question, think again. A one-hour bus from Chabil to Sundarijal takes you to the shockingly clean rapids of Bagmati River. Originating from Shivapuri National Park just above our drop-off point, the river with its verdant surrounding is nothing short of blissful. Not to mention tranquility and fresh breeze will add more punch to your nice and quiet bathing escapade. Nice and quiet if you can find a private spot, that is. More often than not, you’ll be joined by overzealous and curious butt-naked kids who proceed to show off their diving and swimming skills, splashing water hither and thither. Ignore distractions and slide into the river and let your system cool down in the fresh waters of Bagmati, which starts from Shivapuri National Park just above Sundarijal. Besides ending up with gleaming skin and refreshed spirits (and wrinkly appendages), it will also hopefully cleanse a few sins under your belt, or so goes the Hindu mythology regarding bathing in Bagmati.

5. Go Jungle Safari
Snug on an elephant’s back, embark on a jungle safari deep into the conserved woods of Chitwan. Under the dense canopy, discover a host of exotic and rare species of animals including rhinos and elephants. And if you’re incredibly lucky, face off with endangered tigers. But it’s nothing your expert Mahouts from Kasara Resort can’t take care of as you sway with your elephants swag and head back to your cottage. Spa and massage treatment as well as ad dip into the azure swimming pool after a day of exploring, boating and visiting the crocodile breeding center will soothe your muscles. The luxurious resort hosts a performance of Tharu dancers in the evening that you can enjoy with chilled beer and popcorn to top off an adventure in wilderness. To up the ante, immerse yourself culturally and ride bicycles like locals around the national park. The perfectly blended nature and modern amenities at the luxurious Kasara Resort will leave you mesmerized. There won’t be a better way to get as close to the wild as you possibly can!