Let them call you batshit crazy.

May 23, 2020

Mountain Biking
Don’t mind splashing some mud around and getting some on your face too? If thrill and adrenaline tickle your fancy, with just a hint of daring, then look no further. It’s time to buy a mountain bike that’ll take you through some of the most serene landscapes within and outside the valley. Smooth paved road, rocky jeep tracks to technical single tracks – you can find all kinds of trails to dominate. However you may roll, mountain biking is guaranteed to break your routine monotony.

Ditch the city streets for short yet exhilarating excursions up the hills. With various flavors and difficulty levels to choose from, the trails running over and along surrounding massifs bekon. Just a 10-minute bus ride outside the Ring Road mark the start of natural hiking trails that lead to calmness, serenity and lush greenery, otherwise inexistent in the urban chaos. Stock up some water and food, and just grab a pair of robust shoes, and you’re good to go!

Longer and hard-earned breaks call for a trip beyond the hills and outside your comfort zone. Treading along the laps of the mighty Himalayas, over rugged terrains and higher altitude demand more stamina and grit. This also means you’ll have to be more prepared, sporting proper equipment geared to the season and region. In exploring the sublime beauty of our country, trekking makes for a humbling experience, a peace of mind and self-discovery.

Trail running
Nothing screams goodbye to belly fat (and hello nice bums) better than trail running! When you’ve become an ace hiker, it’s time to upgrade and go lighter and faster. A camelbak and a good pair of running shoes are imperative for a good running session. Whether intensive sprints on stairs or longer strides on little trodden tracks, you will need more stamina and core body strength to enjoy the the inexplicable sense of achievement running up killer hills.

Better clip those nails and do some serious stretches before hitting walls, rocks or boulders, however you want to swing. It’s a true test of body strength and agility as you defy gravity. Walls, or artificial climbing spots, are only a handful in the city, as are natural rocks and boulders about the valley. Proper gear and equipment, along with a partner in crime, are highly recommended – and in some cases, imperative – to hop on the increasingly popular climbing bandwagon.

Peak climbing
There are over a thousand peaks in Nepal over 6,000m in altitude from the sea level, most of them unnamed and unchartered. Though peak climbing does demand high level of fitness, you do not need the same level of preparation.skills, equipment and budget as with mountaineering, which mostly entrails elaborate expeditions. Among the popular peaks you can conquer include the Island Peak, Mera Peak and Pisang Peak – definite bragging rights on Facebook!

Bungy jumping and Swing
Say hello to the second highest natural bungy in Asia! The wild Bhote Koshi gushes 160m below as you walk down the plank on a wobbly suspension bridge. Then the count down. You jump into several seconds of weightless freefall, the air right past you whizzes. Your futile screams echo through the valley and stand no match to the adrenaline. Several seconds of excitement and a splurge later, you’re lowered down safely to the shore.

Ripping air at 140 kmph on a 2,000ft drop along 1.8 km route will be the most extreme two minutes of your life. Introduced only recently in Nepal, the zipline in Pokhara serves as the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumped and experience a short-lived yet momentous thrill over admiring the breathtaking sights that surround you.

Brave the terror of jumping off a cliff to float freely above the picturesque lake town of Pokhara. Let the thermals take you far, far away as you stay tight in your guide’s harness revelling in the bird’s eye view of the spectacle below, with people barely visible, houses but specks and Fewa reduced to the size of your palm. But the highlight of the chute flight will definitely be the snowcapped mountains peeking from the horizon from an impossible vantage point.

The only thing more exciting than soaring like a falcon is feeding one while soaring like it. Not only do you get to enjoy the regale vistas of the mountains afar and the valley down below while paragliding , but you’re graced with birds of prey feeding on reward placed on your gloved hand. Floating along raptors and that with unobstructed sights of the mountains ahead will be an experience out of this world. Because the birds are trained, you can fly into the oblivion without a fear in your mind of getting your arm clawed.

Find yourself attached to a parachute above and blades behind for an airborne odyssey. The parachute keeps you afloat and the blades propel you forward. The perfect tranquility of the flight instills a sense of calm and stops the flow of time. Floating along and above the clouds and birds gives a moment of self-reflection and awe. Fly away to the most magical wilderness and around Himalayas for an awakening journey that sets your mind free and casts your soul away.

Drifting far into the snowcapped horizon on a light aircraft, prepare to be enthralled by the impressive massifs that are the Himalayas. Without a window between you and the grand mountains, as cold gusts of wind blow across your face, come face to face with the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Fishtail. It’s an opportunity to feel spiritually uplifted and exhilarated in a heavenly and peaceful ultralight flight over Pokhara.

When or if you manage to overcome the numbing fear, pat yourself on the back for jumping off an aircraft cruising at dizzying 30,000 ft. A freefall at terminal speed of 250 kmph or over means the jump will not last very long. But while it does, embrace the skies and appreciate the life-altering views of the world now shrunk below. It takes the right mix of crazy and bling to make this one possible – hands down, the gutsiest thing you’ll ever do.

Forget shady and contaminated pool at your gym, and head north from the city or anywhere far enough to take a plunge in crystal clear waters of rivers and lagoons. Redefine fun and rejuvenate yourself with a dive from high up rocky ledges and into the fresh water, as cold as it may be. Sandy shores and rocky moraines are the perfect backdrop for your leisure swim. Pesky butt-naked kids will eventually show up and disturb your peace, so best of luck finding a private, quiet space.

Rafting and kayaking
Thousands of rivers and tributaries fresh from the mountains, meandering through the pristine countryside and virgin forests are a godsend for any adventure lover. Staying adrift on your raft, challenge rapids while dodging rocks and whirlpools. Getting tossed into the icy cold water when your raft capsizes is not a worry because your experienced guide and safety kayak will get you back aboard and paddling in no time.

Jungle safari
Snug on an elephant’s back, embark on a jungle safari deep into the conserved woods of Chitwan. Under the dense canopy, discover a host of exotic and rare species of animals including rhinos and tigers, that are known to occasionally – and if you’re really lucky, in fact – face off with the elephants. But it’s nothing your expert Mahouts can’t take care of. So sway with your elephant’s swag and come as close to the wild as you can get.

Jungle walk and birdwatching
Take to the untouched jungle, marsh and moors on foot. It’s an opportunity to see feral birds up close in a peaceful tropical ambience. A guided excursion with a professional naturalist will not only put you in safe hands, but will also help you identify and learn about local and migratory birds that you encounter on a jungle walk. The diversity of birds you observe here will put the crows and pigeons that frolick on your roof to shame.

Though definitely not a common hobby, licensed hunting at Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve gives you a unique taste of adventure. Situated below the Dhaulagiri range and regulated by the government, Dhorpatan is the only area in Nepal where hunting is permitted. Blue sheeps, pheasants and partridges, all found in abundance here, are a popular attraction. Take a break from the mundane and try your luck with hunting, still largely a niche among Nepalese folks.

Dirt biking
People will turn their heads, most likely in rage, when your toy makes the ungodliest noise soaring down the road. But more than aunts’ disgruntled stares, your toy deserves rough trails far off from the city’s constricting perimeters. Take a spin to secluded hilltops, uphill climbs a mere piece of cake for your dirt bike, and that reward you with spectacular serenity and a muddied outfit. We know fuel prices are pretty steep, but that shouldn’t stop boys from having all the undeserved fun.

4WD adventures
Get 4WD adventure kicks on dusty, bumpy roads! There may be no trail too rugged for your SUV that roars and revs through surreal and unforgiving landscapes. New rocky jeeptracks are dug every year throughout the country, and while regular vehicles aren’t powerful enough to traverse these, it only means party time for your SUV, making ascents however steep and descents however frightening look like a child’s play!