I am a freelancer based out of Kathmandu, Nepal, and have multiple specializations – photography, writing, web development, project management and graphics designing – all with proven track record and positive reviews.

I am open to travelling for assignments, relocating, working virtually or at an office.

  • I value integrity above all else. Zero hidden fees, gimmicks or nasty surprises.
  • I believe in hard work. I work however long needed. No cut corners or half-baked results.
  • I strive for efficiency. Minimal turnaround time, but quality is never compromised.
  • I learn fast and adapt. Most technical skills I have are self taught. I am solution-oriented.
  • I am enterprising. I convert my resources to remuneration. I avoid handouts like the plague.
  • I can make decisions. Little to no supervision required to get the job done.
  • I fix what’s not broken. I believe in being and having a better version than the last.
  • I am fastidious. I obsess over details and leave nothing to guesswork.
  • I don’t clown around. I am focused and prioritize work over all personal matters.

Photography »

Having started a career in photography in May 2016 with the Everest Marathon, I was hired to shoot UTMR and UTMB, the world’s largest trail running race in the Alps, by September 2017. I have since also been involved in a number of documentation and exploration assignments with INGOs like UN Habitat and UNRCO. Photographs and videos I have taken, along with stories, have been widely published in a number of international and Nepali media outlets. I have been lucky enough to have my work featured on the cover of 5 international magazines, reports and books. I am comfortable shooting in any situation and environment, be it humid flats or freezing Himalayas.

When it comes to photography, I am trigger happy.



Adventure Races


Writing »

I have contributed over 700 articles to more than 40 newspapers and magazines in Nepal and abroad. This includes an interview piece for the National Geographic, and 14 full-page photo stories in the Kathmandu Post, a national daily. I was a columnist with the Himalayan Times in 2016 and 2017, in addition to serving as a copyeditor for ECS Nepal, Living, Fr!day Magazine and 6 other magazines. While I cover a variety of subjects, I have an inclination for mountains, travel, food and spirits. Likewise, I have extensive experience in writing proposals, reports, concept notes, promotions and other formal materials.

Project Management »

I have undertaken in several demanding events and development projects that have honed my organizational skills. I conceptualize, plan and execute the ideas, and analyze the outcome to make constant progress. Here are three projects I have founded and directed:

KTM Series

Monthly trail running races in Kathmandu valley that regularly gets over 350 participants, half expats and half locals. Years active: 2018 to present

Grand Himalayan Enduro

Yearly week-long mountain biking race in Nagarkot, with more than 100 international participants. Part of the Enduro World Series Qualifiers. Years of active involvement: 2016 to 2019

Eutai mala Nepali

Relief and rebuilding initiative in hard hit villages across central Nepal following the 2015 earthquake. Years active: 2015 to 2017

Web Development »

I help brands gain an online edge with elegant, modern and customized websites that meet high design and functional standards. UI/UX, graphics, coding and SEO – I cover all bases. The websites are user-friendly and dynamic, which means making updates yourself is a piece of cake. Here are some recent websites I developed –